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Sams Wood Creations

Come right in and stay a while, look around, make yourself at home. I'm SAM of Sams Wood Creations. Was always a natural born troubleshooter, figuring things out, fixing things, or invent a part to fix something you can't get anymore!  Well I still do that but wanted to get back in to woodworking on the side to get established in woodworking again for something to do in retirement. I have Repurposed, reinvented, created, fixed, made, you name it! Welllll I havent' done any "Floating Shelves" hate em. I haven't done any "Epoxy River Tables either come to think of it". 

So here we are with my first Website. Some people that follow me on Instagram, said I should do Plans for some of the stuff I make because they want to make those things too.  What s the Old Saying"You can't teach an old dog new tricks!" Well this old dog taught himself how to draw with Sketchup! That over heated some brain cells "but they still work...lol"

So get in here and look around. take all the time you need. Take your shoes off and go barefoot if you want.

Don't see anything you can't live without? Well that's OK. Just leave a hello or something.  enter you email, "I may send you a discount when the wife's not looking"

 Y"all  Come Back Now Y"Hear!.........Alright I'm Gone.